Sunday, January 13, 2013

'I'm feeling much better, thank you' -- Royal Fibs

Don't tell ME I'm fine. I'm bloody well NOT.

Am I coming in clear?  They forced me to give the following statement a few weeks ago:

'I'm feeling much better, thank you.'

I'm NOT feeling much better, thank you.  Alternately retching and hard vomming does not "feeling much better" make, my friends.   

I wish I could compose my own announcements regarding my Vom Situation, as They call my All Bleedin' Day Pregnancy Nausea. Just because I'm not in hospital, doesn't mean for one moment that I'm feeling able to do anything other than curl up in my bed (with Stefon, My gay Husband), watching hours and hours of telly. William's always working, so why shouldn't I continue to rest and regain my strength with someone who makes me blow weak tea out of my nose?

God Bless Little Lord Stefon.

Guess who taught me this pose.

Don't tell anyone, but I think Stefon is my Soulmate.

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